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    Jeff Cohen


    Updated: 4.30.2015

    N. Green and Sons, Inc.

    Location: Chicago, IL
    On the Web: ngreenvintage.com

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    Jeff Cohen Jeff Cohen is a well-known and respected dealer in fine vintage timepieces and jewelry in both the United States and in many foreign countries. Often exploring antique shops, flea markets and shows with both his mother and grandmother, Jeff bought his first antique pocket watch at the age of 11. By age 13 he was working after school for a specialties packing company where the front doubled as an antique shop/warehouse. The owner would take him to auctions and on house calls. By age 16 Jeff was going to garage sales and flea markets buying and selling items he would purchase or trade for, and by high school graduation Jeff was employed with a company that bought scrap precious metals, coins, bullion, watches and jewelry. In his 20s Jeff had opened up a small buying shop, then a buying office focusing on wrist and pocket watches and other unique timepieces and is considered to be one of the first to recognize and be involved in the wrist watch collectors market at its early beginnings.

    In 1991 Jeff was offered a position with the Comic Time Company working as a design and marketing consultant exclusively for the production of limited edition X Men watches under the Marvel Comic license. In his mid-20s Jeff had moved his operation to Chicago's famous Jewelers Row where he was taught some watch making/repairing skills and at this time he was traveling one week out of every month across the country and overseas in pursuit of fine time pieces and other antiquities. Jeff is a founding member of the International Watch and Jewelry Guild (IWJG) and has been a member of National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) since the age of 23, as well as holding memberships in a number of other trade-related organizations. Jeff has been a consultant to several auction houses, appraisal companies and has written, co-written and consulted on several books, magazines, trade publications and news articles about watches as well as appearing on numerous news programs and other television shows.

    Jeff currently still travels the country exhibiting at some of the largest and most important shows as well as private showings and trunk shows in well-known department stores and exclusive boutique shops, his cliental includes many celebrities, political figures and important collectors. His shop is still located on Jewelers Row and is known as N. Green and Sons (Nathen Green) his Grand father of British descent who was also known as quite a wheeler-dealer! In the last year Jeff has become the fourth owner of the 132 Old Rockford Watch Company.

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